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WELCOME the home of wearable art


Sustainable Clothing

Art Brut Edinburgh is a shop devoted to creating sustainable, earth friendly, unique clothing that is good for the planet. All work is dyed, hand painted, with elements sewn on and crafted by artist Gerry Gapinski. A fusion of art and fashion, each garment created is a 'one off' art piece, utilising the vast amount of clothing that would otherwise be headed to landfill. Without compromising on quality, each item is a carefully selected blank canvas, before being transformed into the creations you see available in this shop.


Artist / Designer

Gerry Gapinski is an artist turned fashion designer, with a mission to reshape the fashion industry’s perspective on sustainable clothing. His journey from painting murals and interior canvas to the catwalk exemplifies a fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness.  With his innovative up-cycled creations, Gerry is not only aiming to fuse art with fashion, but also to champion environmental sustainability.

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